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Many people ask me how many keywords to focus on in a website. Well the answer depends on the keywords that you want to use and how related they are to each other.

The right keyword research wont be too hard to come up to find. Start with a list of 5–10 keywords. But being said, it doesn’t mean you should focus on all 10!

Let’s first discuss the rules of keyword hierarchy. There are 3 main types of keywords for SEO:

  1. Primary Keyword
  2. Secondary Keywords
  3. Additional Keywords

Your primary keyword should be the main focus of the entire article…

If you need guest posting on sites to create SEO ready backlinks check out some sites that I have been working on.

SEO Solutions for Big Enteprise:

Want to access the world’s largest confidential list of high DA media owners to execute your link building campaign at the best possible rate?

Customer requirements:

  • Produce at least 30K words per month for guest posting content. This should meet editorial requirements of various news sites. Content is split up in articles that can range between 700 and 2000 words as agreed with clients.
  • Have a link placement budget per single post: you decide the budget and DA metrics, we execute it on a case-by-case basis.
  • Seek to scale up your business through PR and SEO with an appropriate monthly and annual…

Local plumbing and Heating Company contacted me through Upwork about helping advertise their business online, and adding some much trusted backlinks for them.

After discussions with the Owner I helped advertise their business registering the business on trusted sites like:

Have a look at Windsor Heating Supplies website below:

If you want to know more about how backlinks and business listing forums can help you get in contact via or e-mail me

Brand equity 1

Trying to increase your brand’s reach but not getting the results you want?

No problem.

Today I’m going to teach you how to increase brand awareness with proven strategies backed by real data.

You can execute these instantly to start generating sales and change how customers positively view your business.

With that being said, it’s been found that presenting your brand consistently results in a 23% increase in revenue on average.

Right, you have music website but need more content. You have two choices.

  1. Spend hours and hours writing reviews
  2. Ask one of your friends to write some stuff for you
  3. Leave it and let the site just…fade a way
  4. Ask a professional Content writer to write content

If you need reviews for your site have a look at some of the items that I have written, you can always ask for a portfolio!

I have been deeply immersed in the Soulful House Music scene for over ten years now. I'm a dedicated and experienced writer.

Being freelance gives me the…

Well known US website approached me to write some articles for this news & Reviews site.

Have a look at some of the SEO rich content and exciting blog posts on this site.

If your looking for SEO rich blog posts e-mail me at or drop me a line 07971 123034

Have a look at some of the great articles I have written for a small Print Company based in Berkshire,

The company based in Bracknell, asked me to help with blog content for a new site that they had launched late in 2020.

After exploring ideas, listening to projects and effectively “Interviewing “ the Team and Marketing Director I helped write some inspiring SEO ready blogs to get them off their feet.

I’ve been a creative writer, blogger and web developer for a while now (too long!) . I’ve written short films and a few screenplays . …


I’m Chris a professional freelance blog and content writer. If you need SEO ready content for your site, well I’m the man!

So call Chris on 07971 123034

My Approach

I’m a developed an expert model of in-house content creation and blog writing services i am a creative storyteller and work to hard metrics. If it doesn’t serve a purpose, I’m not going to write it.

A typical blog post starts with data. Through analytics tracking, competitive analyses and industry conversations, I review what is currently performing and what has historically shown sustained results. …

Chris Sampson

Experienced blogger, writer, and SEO Expert. Ill write for your website, add backlinks and can work on various projects at once.

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